WP7 without Marketplace and Xbox live access

We all know that no matter how many apps the Windows Phone platform will have, it will not even barely reach the number of apps available now for iPhones and Google’s Androids. But that is not the case….the title of this post says it all. NO ACCESS???

It is really sad to know that when the Windows Phone available in Malaysia, we will not be able to access to the Marketplace and Xbox live. WTH??? Seems like Microsoft will be expending the market and make it available for us in Malaysia as “soon” as possible. Soon la…very sooooon…

I personally think that Microsoft’s Marketplace and Xbox live was not made available in Malaysia because of the broadband speed in Malaysia. Since the WP7 rely a lot on the data speed for it to reach the full functionality, Malaysia will not be considered as a good market for them thus….no Marketplace and Xbox live…sad sad…

P.S: where are the Windows Phone 7s? I tot they are to be available in Malaysia late October??


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