Maxis Broadband for as low as Rm38 monthly

I am not sure how long this promotion has been going on because I just realize there is such promotion when i browse through the Maxis web page. I am a little surprise on what I saw! A very good deal indeed. See here!

From what I understand, existing Maxis postpaid customers (must be with Maxis for more than 12 months) which are still not subscribed to any wireless broadband package will be entitled to subscribe to a 3GB broadband plan for as low as rm48 a month plus a monthly Rm10 rebate for 5 months and a free wireless modem. The best part is, all of this without contract!

After the rebate, it is Rm38 a month for 3GB quota. For that price, you can only get the 7am-7pm wireless broadband package for 3GB from Digi.

Anyone who are a existing Maxis postpaid user and wanted a wireless broadband package or just want to try it out, do not miss this opportunity. They also have the 7days cooling of period for you to terminate the subscription within 7days without losing anything. More like the ‘testing’ period.

As usual, make sure you read the terms and conditions before deciding on anything.

Too bad I am not eligible for this promotion or I will surely get one now.


2 thoughts on “Maxis Broadband for as low as Rm38 monthly

  1. is this promotion same with the 1 can purchase nokia n8 at price RM949 with 1 yr contract?

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