iPhone’s Retina Display or Samsung’s Super AMOLED?

So recently my friend was telling me how awesome is the Super AMOLED exclusively available only on Samsung mobile devices like the Samsung Wave and Omnia 7. It is said that Super AMOLED gives excellent viewing angles and also looks good under bright sunlight. Or not.

So as I was saying, this friend of mine really manage to make me wonder if the Super AMOLED is better than the Retina Display. I personally thinks that the Retina Display is awesome!!! The resolution and ppi is incredible and to be frank, it is really hard for any screen to top that!

So i went and find some post on the comparison between these two displays. Maybe when it comes to direct sunlight and power saving, the Super AMOLED better the Retina Display but not by miles. Just a little bit better i would say.

But when it comes to the resolution and pixels, the Retina Display is alot clearer and sharper than the Super AMOLED! Read this if you do not trust me. =]


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