iPhone 5 to be announced on January 2011???

With the iPhone 4 just out for a few months and people are still considering weather to buy it or not or some people are still waiting for the long queue for their iPhone from Maxis and Digi, iLounge mentioned that the iPhone 5 will be announced as early as January 2011. Click here for the original post.

Usually iPhones are announced by Apple late June or early July but it will be really something if iPhone 5 are to be announced on the coming January. It is just our of the norm and half a year is way too short for iPhone 4 to be the best iPhone in the market!

Despite the antenna problems which we really do not hear any complaints from Malaysians using the Malaysian telcos, iPhone 4 does not deserve to be treated as such by Apple! Anyway, i doubt that the news is true. iPhone 5 will be as usual, announced next year in late June or early July! Trust me! Although i hope I am wrong! Than i can just get myself an iPhone 5 instead of iPhone 4!

Anyhow, just enjoy your iphones to the fullest while you can….be happy you got an iPhone unlike me!:(


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