Hello people, I am a gadget enthusiast myself and i believe there are thousands of people like me there outside. The only difference between me and the other enthusiast is that I am poor. U got me right! I am damn POOR!

So I would like to start a tech blog for people like me! People who loves gadget so much but could not really own them and always seek for the best opportunities to get those wicked gadgets! We also try our best to get gadgets we love in a price so worth it! Or we might just settle for a lower end gadgets which are more practical instead of getting every new iPhones in the market. Although I love iPhones!!!! *air liuh meleleh*

I will also post on various other topics with I am concern of or interested in! But I cant promise what will there post will be about. So please stay tune. Tech enthusiast or casual readers. (This blog is not as “techy” as you tought!)

I myself does have a few gadgets myself but a tech enthusiast like me will not settle with the gadgets i already have!! Arghh…gadget obsession kills!!!hahahaha


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